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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Spiritually Mature

I've noticed that many (born)-again christians are still spiritual infants and need to grow up, unfortunately. I guess that many christians think that when you grow as a christian, it merely is knowing much more about the bible and knowing how to pray. These things are fine, but you need to grow up in your character as well. I'm so shocked that many christians behave like little children and haven't come into terms with their old self.

We must remember that the heaven is a holy place and that nothing unclean will enter! So therefore you must seek God with your whole heart and pray that your heart changes. Noone likes difficult  circumstances, but that is the only way your old self will die, in order to bloom and to be a pleasant fragrance for Christ. Remember that God always loves you, so you will succeed.

God bless!