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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Christians: stop criticizing president Obama

Last Sunday a sister told us in church that her daughter-in-law had a vision. In this vision she saw satan, God and president Obama. As she was looking at president Obama, she noticed that he had ropes around his body and that his mouth was taped, causing him to be mute. She was asking the Lord why he had these ropes around and why his mouth was shut. God said:

"It is because the children of God constantly criticize him instead of praying for him."

Boy, I was happy that my suspects were right: the christians are wrong for criticizing him so much! God is not happy the way the children of God behave in this matter. We as disciples of Jesus need to pray for the government, no matter what. Of course you may have your opinion, but let your opinion be justified. Because the christians who are against Obama are led by an evil spirit of racism and think they have the right to act like this. NO, you don't and will never have that right! Convert people or you will be condemned by God and his condemnations are always righteous.


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