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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The thing I don't understand about Africans

Africans talk about how the Europeans have used their people as slaves in other continents, but why do Africans keep their mouth shut about the fact that they sold their own people as well?? It is bad that some whites like this part of their history, because Africans were humiliated, but it's even bad when Africans themselves act as though this event never happened. If they would be honest, they would teach about this (sad awful) history in their schools. Of all the (coloured) people who were under the regime of whites, Africans were the only ones unfortunately, that sold their own people!! That's why I think the economies in most African countries is still bad, because they haven't come into terms with the true history yet and God is a righteous God never oversees sin.

I'm sure that times will change in the benefit for Africans, but the first step to healing and rehabilitation is to ask forgiveness to the black folks, whose ancestors were slaves, because they were facing hardships and very bad times. If they ask God forgiveness first and secondly the African diaspora, I'm sure the road to redemption is near!