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Saturday, 13 April 2013

What I believe the real reason will be why Europe will choose for the antichrist

Frankly nobody took into account that there would be a shift in world power. I think almost everyone expected that Europeans would hold the power in their hands forever, but you're wrong! Like I mentioned in another blog before, history has always shown that powers always shift to another continent after a few ages, mostly four.

Europe is loosing it's power, while other countries are in the rise, but this is just the beginning. When the whole system in Europe has tumbled down and shattered into pieces, they become more and more dependable of other countries and perhaps in the end they will be entirely dependent from other countries...but that's absolutely NOT what Europe wants! Europeans are quite hungry for power, money and wealth and it's their absolute nightmare that their system has fallen apart. Read in your bible Revelations 13:11-18 which describes the condition of the "Roman Empire", with other words Europe. In this total chaos and in order to regain some power they (thus the Europeans) have to choose for somebody who is full of (demonic) wisdom, but also tries to make other countries live in (fake) peace with each other, in particular Israel and his surrounding enemies. Europe will introduce a new system in the world where every individual IN THE WHOLE WORLD is obliged to take this new mark in order to sell or to buy, otherwise you die! So then they will have power for 7 years and after that, the Lord Himself will remove the antichrist from this planet for eternity. Alas, in those 7 years God will pour His wrath upon this whole earth against the people who worshipped the antichrist and followed him...

So the real reason is that it's their absolute nightmare to be dependent from other countries again and therefore will choose for the antichrist to regain some power, at least, that's what I believe.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Mozilla Developer Network

For anyone who is interested in how to style their page with CSS --->


Disappeared like filth..

Wicked people always think that whenever they are powerful, their realm will last forever. They laugh people out because of their wickedness, but when suddenly calamity strikes in their life and they are gone like filth, peace and joy has returned for the righteous ones. So glad there is a God out there whose judgement is ALWAYS righteous and fair! http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3133/2655860141_76b52a5b40_o.gif

Thursday, 4 April 2013