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Friday, 5 July 2013

Black people need to change their attitude towards each other

Many times we black people complain about racist attitudes againsts our race and many times the complains are justified. But if we want to change the world's view about us, we need to change ourselves first.
Too often I encountered ignorance from other fellow black people, whether it's envy/jealousy (and that's happened quite a lot), or you're just different than them. We have come a long way in changing the way we think, but I think the main problem among blacks is envy, especially about physical appearance. When you're lighter-skinned, some blacks can be envious, but not all. I have even encountered envy from many lighter-skinned (mostly mixed) blacks, because appearantly in an odd way they feel intimidated by my looks (could be the way I dress or it could be my face). Of course I have encountered envy from other races (especially whites), but my issue here is with black people.

We believe the lies of what people say about us too often, that's why we tend to be envious on other fellow blacks who don't fit the stereotype description. Or when we distinguish ourselves in a special gift, we also tend to be envious on each other, which results in mostly ignoring the person we have a problem with in our hearts, even though the person has done NOTHING against you. We believe we're better than someone else if our hair is not kinky or just longer, if we're lighter-skinned than a fellow black person or when our noses and lips are smaller. I'm not saying that all black people are like that, but unfortunately there is still a large group among blacks who obviously believe these lies. Unfortunately East-Africans like Somalis/Ethiopians believe the lie that they're superior than their fellow African brothers, because of there 'refined features', ahum. You think God will treat you better because of your features????  And many Africans feel better than African Americans and call them 'akata' which means 'cottonfield-picker'???? Many African American men condemn black women when they socialize/have a relationship with a white guy, so in their opinion black women sell theirselves out???? West-Africans feel intimidated by other black people and they get envious on their physical appearance???? Blacks from South-America feel better than Africans because they're not fully African anymore??? WRONG!!!! God never judges by HUMAN STANDARDS because those standards are wrong, false and evil!! God says in Psalm 50:21 (the bible):

"When you did these things and I kept silent, you thought I was exactly like you. But I now arraign you and set my accusations before you."

So there! 

Also, I keep wondering why the numbers of single black moms are so high...Why are there so many black men having problems to form a healthy family with their spouse? I think it is they miss a role model in times when they were a child. Daddy is not in the house, mommy does all the work. This is a vicious circle, because this kind of situations keeps repeating generation after generation and unfortunately many children do take over this bad habit. Ephesians 6:4 construes how the attitude of fathers towards their children should be:

"Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord."

This means that we are accountable for the things we have done on this planet and God will judge you for that. His judgement is ALWAYS righteous.

If we want a change in our country/community we need to ask God forgiveness and break every negative word that people say about us and we need to do the OPPOSITE. We need to ask God to change our thoughts, minds and spirit. He is the only One that can change our hearts and set us totally free. We should be proud we're from African heritage, don't you know Africa is the 'mother' of the world? Arise and shine, because there are better times coming for us, if we are willing to change our attitude.

God bless.

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