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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Thank God for China!

I thank God that he made China such a rich country and a huge world investor. Chinese people don't want to invest, so that only they can be rich, unless like Europeans, but also invest in a country, so that that country can prosper. I thank God that Chinese people are coloured. They don't think like "Chinese people only and the rest can rot in hell", like the selfish way of European thinking that kept going on for centuries. Europeans purposely taught coloured people nothing, in order to keep them dependent so that they would never rise again, they thought.....BUT FORTUNATELY THEY THOUGHT WRONG!!!

I like the mindset of Chinese people. They think like: "How can we benefit ourselves and others?" Hence the reason many countries (and I think it's mostly countries which are of non-European descent) like to cooperate with China. In fact, if it was up to Europe only, NO SINGLE non-European country with people from non-European descent would rise, in order to keep the (world) power. Losing power to non-European countries is Europe's worst nightmare, but those countries were always powerful, before even Europe came to rise...I'm glad our countries are being restored to what it was like in the beginning. It's not that I'm against Europeans, but I´m against their system they are using to keep others down!!

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