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Thursday, 26 September 2013

What I don't understand from women who cheat with someone else's husband

First of all: I'm entirely against cheating! Cheating is in ALL FORMS a BAD thing. But seriously, women - who steal away someone else's husband, or at least are trying that - why do you get mad when the man won't leave his wife for you? You have no right to posess him, you're evil, let alone divorcing his wife for you  and you get mad when things don't work out?? You know why? Because HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU. Hurts to read it like that, huh? You are his toy, not his soulmate. Even when he will divorce his wife for you, don't expect a long-lasting happy marriage or relationship. The root of your relationship is totally awry, so sooner or later you will notice that things will take a very bad turn and you both deserve that!

Stop cheating with someone else's husband/partner/boyfriend, because there will be some serious consequenses for you both! Period.

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